Amroid Ointment 20 Gram Aimil Pharma

  • Brand: Aimil Pharmaceuticals
  • Product Code: 20 Gram
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Product's Description

Acts as Haemostatic by toning the blood micro-capillaries, thereby checks bleeding per rectum significantly.

Exerts Anti-inflammatory action by inhibiting inflammatory mediators like leukotriene, thereby controls pain & itching in rectum region.

Acts as Anti-microbial against a wide spectrum of bacteria, fungi & protozoa, inhibiting their growth without disturbing intestinal microflora, thereby checks any kind of secondary infection near the rectum.

Anti-pruritic by soothening or desensitization effect on the tissues by topical application and also systematic by inhibiting the histaminic effect.

Accelerate Wound healing by enhancing collagen turn over and also shrink the haemorrhoidal mass due to potent astringent action from the herbal components.

Acts as Bowel regulator by toning the peristalsis movements of GIT and also reducing re-absorption of water, thereby softens stools & checks painful constipation.

Improves Liver functions for regularizing digestion, metabolism and also for enhancing detoxification function of Liver.

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