Muscalt Forte 30 Tablet Aimil Pharma

  • Brand: Aimil Pharmaceuticals
  • Product Code: 30 Tablets
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Product's Description

Promotes anti-oxidant joint protection, protects cartilage.

Nourishes joints with vital phyto-nutrients

Maintains joints health & mobility, provides targeted relief

Muscalt Forte Syrup fortified with the unique benefits of Salaiguggul, vanya ashwagola, devdaru, amaltas, patola & more herbs targeted to relieve pain, swelling & inflammation.

Muscalt Forte is enriched with immune modulatory herbs to fight immune response to ache i.e. guduchi, ashwagandha & pippali.

Muscalt Forte effectively regulates metabolism, reduces the formation of toxins “AAMA” and also facilitates their gentle elimination through GIT by kutaki, haritaki, amaltas & punernava.

Fortified with adaptagenic, rejuvenative & energising phyto constituents like shilajeet, ashwagandha, asparagus etc.

Powerfully prevents & treats issues with joint deterioration.

As supportive therapy for OA & RA.

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