Ayurvedic View of disease:
Symptoms of IBS can be co-related with the disease ‘Grahni’ described in CHARAK SAMHITA most trusted and ancient text book of Ayurveda. According to it-

General Causes of IBS:

  • Indigestion ( Ajirana )
  • To take food in excess quantity or by taking food more frequently.
  • By taking food which is against the nature ( Prakriti ) of individual.
  • To resist the natural processes like (urination , daefecation , etc.)
  • Because of poor immunity after long debility.

Because of above mentioned precipitating factors the digestive fire(JATHARAGNI) get disturbed or become slow(MANDAGNI)and not able to perform its most important function to digest  food completely and properly. This poorly digested food juices called aam ras is further absorbed by intestine and intestinal lining get irritated by this aamras ,so the progress of disease grahani occur in body.

Symptoms of IBS:

  1. Patient passes sometime loose, sometime consistent and sometimes waterystool.
  2. There may be presence of alternate diarrhoea & constipation.
  3. Patient suffers from thirst , Dyspepsia ( less interest in food. )
  4. Vomiting.
  5. Belching Sour.
  6. Increased salivation.
  7. Pain in bones and joints.
  8. Swelling in limbs.
  9. Weight loss.
  10. Sometimes  asthma.

Acc to Ayurveda it is classified into four types.

Type of Grahani : Vaataj, Pittaj, Kaphaj, Tridoshaj

Vaataj grahani (Symptoms)

  1. Person passes stool several times in a day also takes much longer time during this.
  2. Stool is passed with difficulty sometime loose sometime dry, with greatnoise.
  3. Patient may vomit undigested food or passed it as stool.
  4. Suffers from dryness in body.
  5. Patient felt dryness in mouth & throat.
  6. There is tastelessness & weekness felt.
  7. During digestion of food or after digestion.

Pittaj grahani (Symptoms)

  1. Patient have less interest in food and always felt thirsty.
  2. Patient looks pale.
  3. Patient passed undigested loose stool of yellow bluesish colour.
  4. Sour belching
  5. Burning sensation in throat and heart area.

Kaphaj Grahani (Symptom)

  1. Stool passed is well formed ,heavy and mixed with kaph(mucous).
  2. Patient built is good but weakness and laziness is found.
  3. Feel difficultity in digesting food.
  4. Increased salivation.
  5. Nausea, vomiting , dyspepsia.

Tridoshaj Grahani (Symptom)

  1. Have mixed symptoms of vaataj, pittaj, kaphaj